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Please provide the following company contact information and background as the first steps of your application to become an AT&T Solution Provider. The information you provide in this form is an important part of the qualification process. It is critical all information is entered, including contact information, so that we may get in touch with you to discuss your potential to become an Alliance Program Solution Provider.

Thank you for your interest in AT&T.
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Position Statement (Read Carefully)
SBC Global Solutions, Inc. d/b/a AT&T Global Solutions’ affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively "AT&T") do business with many contractors and suppliers. It is a fundamental policy of AT&T that such dealings shall be conducted on a fair and non-discriminatory basis free from improper influences, so all participating contractors and suppliers may be considered on the basis of the quality and overall cost of their product or service.
AT&T’s policy is to seek out and obtain technically suitable products and services at the lowest overall cost. Accordingly AT&T will not recognize any oral agreement: any conversations with AT&T's employees or representatives shall not be construed to imply a commitment or obligation on behalf of AT&T. Any information disclosed or made known to AT&T shall be deemed as public and nonproprietary, with the exception of financial information. Information shall not be received in confidence, unless a prior written agreement authorizing such exchange of information has been executed by an authorized representative of AT&T.
AT&T is committed to doing business with contractors and suppliers in an atmosphere keeping with the highest standards of business ethics. Therefore, it is AT&T's policy that our employees shall not accept from customers; suppliers of property, goods, or services; or from other persons, any gifts, benefits, or unusual hospitality that may in any way tend to influence or have the appearance of influencing them in the performance of their jobs.
Those employees of AT&T authorized to make purchases or negotiate contracts are aware of this policy, and your cooperation is solicited in order to forestall any embarrassing situations.
Have you read and agree to the terms listed in the “Position Statement”
The undersigned has read and agrees to comply with the above Position Statement and is submitting the information contained herein with the understanding that it will be used to assist in determining the qualifications of this organization to perform miscellaneous work for AT&T Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (collectively called " AT&T"), and further guarantees the truth and accuracy of all statements made herein. AT&T is authorized to make use of the statements and information furnished herein and otherwise made available from any source whatsoever. This may include criminal background and civil court case investigations of the principles of the company. The undersigned will accept AT&T's determination of qualifications without prejudice. Any bank, subcontractor, supplier or any other person, firms, corporations or agencies with whom the undersigned have done business or whom have extended any credit to the undersigned are hereby authorized to furnish AT&T with information that AT&T requests concerning the undersigned's standing with any of them. The undersigned hereby releases AT&T, and those providing information to AT&T pursuant to this authorization, from all actions, claims and/or liabilities of any kind arising from the provision or use of information about the undersigned, and the undersigned hereby waives any rights the undersigned may have to pursue such actions and/or claims.
Have you read and agree to the terms listed in the “Release”